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Re: date formats

David Lawyer wrote:
> I suppose it could be
> <date>v2.0, YYYY MM DD

I don't understand the importance of a date format. I consider the
USians prefere one format, the Asians maybe the other, here in Serbia we
like DD.MM.YYYY. (look at dots) or D.(or DD.) MMM (or more M's if
letters) YY.(or YYYY.) etc etc. Btw, who and when needs HOWTO dates to
sort, so they should appear as above?

> Then it will need to be automatically conveted to docbook which will
> take a little programming work.
> Or we could add a <rev> tag to linuxdoc.  Or it might be best to put
> both revision and date after the <date> tag in docbook so as to keep
> it the same as linuxdoc.

My vote to adopt docbook to that in linuxdoc :-)


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