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Re: Framebuffer-HOWTO appears to be unmaintained

On Nov 17,  1:51pm, David Merrill wrote:
> Subject: Framebuffer-HOWTO appears to be unmaintained
> No luck getting a contact for the Framebuffer-HOWTO, as the bounced
> mail below shows. I tried the author and the "feedback" contact,
> which were different guys, but both addresses are dead.
> Do we have an agreed upon policy or procedure for dealing with these
> situations? At what point do we decide the document is unmaintained?

If we cannot contact any of the author(s); we do the best we can to
track them down.

> How do we determine a new maintainer, or is it just the first
> person who volunteers?

We add the document to the 'unmaintained list'. That mechanism has
been working well. People have contacted me indicating they wish
to maintain the given doc, at which point I add them to the
'new owner' column of the table.

> There are several "contributors" listed, so we could probably try them,
> and see if any of them wish to take over maintainership.

Yes, good idea.


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