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Re: Linux Backspace/Delete White Paper (Was: updates (BackspaceDelet

On Oct 17,  6:40pm, Yves Bellefeuille wrote:
> Subject: Linux Backspace/Delete White Paper (Was: updates
> Greg Ferguson <gferg@sgi.com> wrote:
> >   A Linux Backspace/Delete White Paper
> >   Sebastiano Vigna, vigna@acm.org
> >   Revision v1.2 15 October 2000
> The proper meaning of a "white paper" is a document that presents
> official government policy. Although the term is now sometimes used to
> mean any group's official position, I don't think that it should be used
> for a How-To unless it's meant to imply that the How-To is the LDP's
> official policy, which is not the case here.

I will contact the author and voice your concerns (and see if
we can change the title). I did not feel it was that big of a


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