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HOWTO -- remote, headless install using a Compaq Remote Insight PCI board


I'm working on a HOWTO that describes the steps to do a headless,
remote Linux install on a Compaq ProLiant server with a Remote Insight
board (RIB) using just a browser from another machine.


* How to setup a simple distribution mirror for the install (I used
  RedHat, but others will work just fine)

* How to connect to the Java applet that remotes the video display.

* Creating a virtual floppy disk and download it to the RIB to
  bootstrap the install.

* Reminder on how to install from kits on the network.

* Some hints on getting better performance while remotely connected to
  the RIB.

I'm trying to figure out how to best scale down images since that
really shows the coolness factor of the board.  A draft is available
on http://merrimack.ispworks.com/~nozell/howto/


Marc Nozell		<marc.nozell@compaq.com>
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
Service Provider Solutions Engineering, Compaq Computer Corporation

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