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Ldap HOWTO's content proposition

Hello all,

As there currently are two Ldap-related HOWTO's present (of which one is
still under heavy development), I would like to make the following

Content of the Ldap HOWTO:

- General Ldap build, installation and configuration instructions
- Ldap replication.
- ACL's and security
- Performance (indexing)

Content of the Ldap Integration HOWTO:

- Ldap-nis
- Samba (when it gets ldap support)
- Sendmail (both mailhost and fallback)
- (Netscape) Roaming access
- Security issues for the above
- Schemas used.
- wrappers
- Publishing digital certificates with LDAP.
- Radius
- Addressbooks
- Performance issues for the above
- Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting.

Any ideas, additions, comments, errors?


Linvision BV                  r.vanmeer@linvision.com
www.linvision.com             devel.linvision.com

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