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Re: Proposed announcement etc, 2.nd revision

Greg Ferguson wrote:
> On Feb 8, 12:59pm, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Proposed announcement etc, 2.nd revision
> > [...]
> > However you do point out something we are missing:
> > an index.html file in the /usr/doc/HOWTO/ directory
> > to give a more friendly list of files. I see we
> > already have a HOWTO-INDEX available in HTML format.
> > Unfortunately this is rendered into 6 separate files
> > so what about making a brief index, and then point
> > to the HOWTO-INDEX for a more comprehensible list?
> The index to the specific HOWTOs (what I believe you are
> looking for) is in the file HOWTO-INDEX-3.html. That file
> contains an alphabetized list of the available HOWTOs,
> showing title, author, version, last update and a brief
> synopsis. Seems like that file is what you are looking for (?).


It is close but I would like a tidier version.

For instance the entry "All Linux HOWTOs in HTML format"
should be moved out of the list, to the top or bottom.
And why not use a table rather than a bullet-list?

Name of HOWTO, name of author then right justified version and date
on new line the descriptive line.
In the future another line following of keywords would make this
list even simpler to search.
And then next entry...

Mini-HOWTOs might now join the main list?

The last section 3.4 is called "Unmaintained HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs"
yet these are not listed here, you need to use the FTP to do so.

Suggestion: use an extra field in the table described above
to show status.

For this list we need to keep the end users in focus, and
user friendliness and accessibility are the main features
to help them.


   Stein Gjoen

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