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CVS list


I've requested that a new list be created (ldp-cvs@lists.debian.org) but
have yet to hear from anyone.

Anyone else interested in assisting with CVS Repository that's already
been created feel free to subscribe to a list (majordomo) that I've
created in the interim.

Send email to majordomo@wallybox.cei.net with "subscribe ldp-cvs" (minus
the quotes) in the body of the message (nothing is needed on the subject

You should receive confirmation w/in a few minutes.

I'm looking for anyone that has experience with CVS.  My knowledge is
lacking and I could always use some help! :)  I'd also be interested in
anyone that could assist in writing scripts to convert docs that are added
to the repository.

If you feel you could assist in regards to the CVS repository, then please
join the list and make yourself known.

You may also send an email to majordomo@wallybox.cei.net with the
following in the body of the message to find out more:

info ldp-cvs

Best Regards,
Tim Bynum

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