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Re: Caution: Newbie online.

>>>>> "N" == Nelson Ingersoll <ningersoll@codenet.net> writes:

    N> Any thoughts from anyone where I might focus my waning years of
    N> talent for the benefit of Linux?  (Gawd, you opened yourself up
    N> there Mac!)

There's been talk of translating the old LinuxDoc files to DocBook,
and perhaps your kind offer to do the actual gruntwork may be just
what we need to push us through the transition.  The work involves
trying to port the docs, then sifting through to find the things the
translator software doesn't like --- it may be an excellent way for
you to get a chance to at least browse the whole opus of documents,
and if you can then go over the docs to fix up content by adding the
xref tags and other appropriate markup, it's a double bonus.

I don't speak for the LDP, but to me, your offer sounds like a win-win
situation. What sayeth the preachers?

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